Event: The Life of / La vida de Llort

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Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP) 2023 Américas Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Born April 7, 1949, Fernando Llort was a world-renowned Salvadoran artist. His artwork sparked an artisan movement around El Salvador's agricultural workers. He taught them how to use their artistic ability to make a living. As a result, the town's agricultural faction quickly transformed into an artisanal atmosphere, generating jobs outside of farming. To this day, Fernando Llort's art continues to inspire many to try their hand at artistry! 

Author: Cynthia Gonzalez
Illustrator: Citlali Reyes
Retail: $10.99 USD (board book)
Dimensions: 6.75" x 6.75"

Weight: 11 oz
Ages: 0-5

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