Luz Lucero, niña astronauta

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Children will be introduced to the fascinating world of space exploration through the adventurous journey of Luz Lucero, the first kid astronaut. The book sparks curiosity about space travel and encourages children to dream big about the possibilities of exploring the cosmos in English and Spanish. Children are introduced to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) concepts. The book promotes interest in these fields and encourages children to explore their interests in science and space exploration.

Luz Lucero has won the contest of a lifetime: to break barriers and become the first kid in space. To prepare for her legendary mission, she will taste-test delicious astronaut meals, practice her spacewalk, and learn new languages. Before you know it, we will witness this stargazing girl's first blastoff into space. 

Author: Zaida Hernandez
Illustrator: Karla Monterrosa
Retail: $19.99 USD (hardcover book)
Dimensions: 9.4" x 11.25"
Weight: 1.10 lbs
Ages: 4-8

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