Cocinando on Cook Street: A collection of mi familia's recipes

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This cookbook, Cocinando on Cook Street by world-renowned chef Marcela Valladolid, encourages you and your little one to bond together in the kitchen. Cooking and sharing meals together strengthens family bonds and create lasting memories. This cookbook book encourages children to cook with their families and share the delicious dishes they create, fostering a sense of togetherness and connection.

Inspired by her own Mexican ancestry and culture, Chef Marcela Valladolid's Children's cookbook leads readers through the magic and legacy of her family recipes. From homemade chili-lime chips and fresas con crema to arroz rojo and carne asada tacos, there's a recipe for every person and occasion. Everyone will have the opportunity to cook and taste a little bit of Mexico! 

Author: Marcela Valladolid
Illustrator: Eliza Moreno
Retail: $19.99 USD (hardcover book)
Dimensions: 8.9375" x 11.75"
Weight: 1.2 lb
Ages: 6-9

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