Investor Certificate


While our initial plan was to issue certificates solely to those who invested above the $250 threshold, we've received numerous requests from investors like you who wanted to commemorate their involvement with Lil' Libros in this special way.

As a token of our appreciation and for a limited time, you have the opportunity to purchase your very own Lil' Libros investor certificate for just $79.99 plus free shipping.

These beautifully designed certificates serve as a testament to your support for our vision and your role in shaping the future of bilingual children's literature. Whether you choose to display it proudly in your home or office, it's a tangible reminder of the positive impact you've made on our journey.

To secure your certificate, simply make the purchase. This link is exclusive to you as one of our valued investors and will remain active for a limited time.

Once you make your purchase, a member of our team will reach out.