Lil' Libros Illustrators

Citlali Reyes

Citlali Reyes, born and raised in Mexico, loved to doodle as a child. It was after studying architecture that she was drawn toward the enchanting world of illustration and chose to become an illustrator full-time. Citlali enjoys telling stories through pictures, her work is strongly influenced by the culture and vibrant colors of her country. 
She has partnered with Lil' Libros to illustrate 19 popular bilingual picture books for children in their board book collection. When she is not drawing, Citlali likes to enjoy simple things, such as reading, taking a bike ride, stargazing, traveling, and getting lost in good company. 

Ana Godinez  

Ana Godinez's love of art started at a young age and followed her to USC where she graduated with a degree in English Literature and Fine Arts. Ana has worked behind the scenes as a graphic designer for several companies and organizations. Today, Ana works as lead Art Designer at Lil' Libros.
Her newest and most challenging project is tackling the illustrations of Vámonos, a new travel series by Lil' Libros, that takes readers on a ride to the sights and sounds of Latin America. When Ana is not glued to her computer, she's out looking for inspiration by traveling. 


Eric Ramos

Super Torta! is an autobiography of imagination, comprised of personal memories, influences, & experiences by author and illustrator Eric Ramos. The story was originally written in 7th grade as a class project reflecting on a 3rd grade school field trip experience, then written & illustrated as a creative outlet while working in the real estate "adult" world. Growing up in a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Norwalk, CA - (by the outskirts of Los Angeles), Ramos, his mother and 4 siblings would often walk through a historic gang turf known as the "One Ways", to visit the library after school. It was there where the love for books was fosters and imagination continued to thrive as an adult. This is Ramos story to every child, may they summon their imagination to change any situation, because in this world: Imagination is a super power!