Lil' Libros Authors

Patty Rodriguez 

Patty Rodriguez, unable to find bilingual first concept books she could enjoy reading to her baby, Patty came up with the idea behind Lil’ Libros. Mother of two and a community leader that enjoys empowering tomorrow’s young leaders at conferences and summits, can be seen on a Saturday morning cheering her oldest son at a soccer game. You can listen to her every morning on On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Ariana Stein

Ariana Stein is the co-founder of Lil' Libros. Since 2014, she has co-authored a variety of first concept children's books. Recognizing the bilingual gap and diversity void in children's literature, she became passionate for bilingual education and multicultural books.

Eric Ramos

Super Torta! is an autobiography of imagination, comprised of personal memories, influences, & experiences by author and illustrator Eric Ramos. The story was originally written in 7th grade as a class project reflecting on a 3rd grade school field trip experience, then written & illustrated as a creative outlet while working in the real estate "adult" world. Growing up in a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Norwalk, CA - (by the outskirts of Los Angeles), Ramos, his mother and 4 siblings would often walk through a historic gang turf known as the "One Ways", to visit the library after school. It was there where the love for books was fosters and imagination continued to thrive as an adult. This is Ramos story to every child, may they summon their imagination to change any situation, because in this world: Imagination is a super power!