Introduce your little readers to Los Angeles, the famous and largest city in California. Your little ones will discover the glitz and glamour of the creative capital of the world and ​​experience the beauty and culture behind being an Angeleno. They will wander past film sets and step over the pink stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, enjoy fruta fresca from the famous street vendors, and cheer on the city’s sport champions.

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Her mom thinks she is too messy; her teachers think she is too loud. But Abuela says that’s nonsense. Mia Emilia Lucia Renata simply has too much wepa! In this case, wepa is a metaphor for Mia’s fire, energy, and excitement, or what is better known medically as ADHD. Like ADHD, Mia is often misunderstood and is encouraged to tame her personality. Mia tries to bottle up her wepa, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t contain it. Finally, with a bit of inspiration from Abuela and her friends, Mia discovers the perfect place to express her wepa. A place where her wepa is celebrated and isn’t too much.
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"The beauty of Lil' Libros is that they are bilingual and culturally relevant to our classroom. I read them aloud in both languages and then release them to our class library. Our English speaking students build their Spanish vocabulary while being exposed to Latin American culture."

Evelyn - Dual Language Immersion Kindergarten Teacher

"I feel so proud that I get to share these little treasures with my community because it's more than gifting a book, it's sharing the love of language, the celebration of identity, and the appreciation of our history!"

Sandra - Parent, Activist, and Childhood Professional

"Lil' Libros board books offer different words and concepts that are more evocative of the Latino culture, rather than the standard visual and verbal vocabulary we and in other alphabets and counting books."

Marie du Vaure, Book Buyer, J Paul Getty Museum